Become a Machine Intelligence Expert, Improve the world. 


Introducing AMMI: Africa's flagship program in machine intelligence.


The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) 

AIMS is a network of centers of excellence spanning the African continent. AIMS has been recruiting and training Africa's top graduates in maths, science and engineering for the past 15 years.

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AMMI's vision


Creating an effective, globally connected community of MI practitioners - that's one of AMMI's missions. Founder and director of the African Master of Machine Intelligence, Moustapha Cisse (Ph.D), shares his vision

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

AMMI graduates will have the opportunity to make enormous contributions to their home countries by delivering technological solutions to improve education, agriculture and healthcare.

We invite interested students to apply by sending a resume, transcripts and a cover letter by August 10th 2018 to


Moustapha Cisse (Ph.D),

Founder & Director  


In partnership with:


Our lecturers

  Moustapha Cisse   (Google AI/AIMS)

Moustapha Cisse

(Google AI/AIMS)

  Timnit Gebru   (MSR)

Timnit Gebru


  Yann Lecun   (FAIR/NYU)

Yann Lecun


  Laurens v.d. Maaten   (FAIR)

Laurens v.d. Maaten


  Nicolas Usunier   (FAIR)

Nicolas Usunier


  Sanmi Koyejo   (UIUC/Google AI)

Sanmi Koyejo

(UIUC/Google AI)

  Alfredo Canziani   (NYU)

Alfredo Canziani


  Kyunghyun Cho   (NYU)

Kyunghyun Cho


  Georgia Gkioxari   (FAIR)

Georgia Gkioxari


  Hugo Larochelle   (Google AI)

Hugo Larochelle

(Google AI)

  Guillaume Obozinski   (Ecole des Ponts)

Guillaume Obozinski

(Ecole des Ponts)

  Edouard Grave   (FAIR)

Edouard Grave


  Jean Philippe Vert   (Institut Curie/ENS)

Jean Philippe Vert

(Institut Curie/ENS)

  Ifeoma Nwogu   (Rochester Ins. of Technology)

Ifeoma Nwogu

(Rochester Ins. of Technology)

  Anima Anandkumar   (Amazon/Caltech)

Anima Anandkumar


  Olivier Bousquet   (Google AI)

Olivier Bousquet

(Google AI)

  Marc Deisenroth   (Imperial College)

Marc Deisenroth

(Imperial College)

  Antoine Bordes   (FAIR)

Antoine Bordes


  Yoshua Bengio   (MILA/U.Montreal)

Yoshua Bengio


  Samy Bengio   (Google AI)

Samy Bengio

(Google AI)

  Francois Fleuret   (IDIAP)

Francois Fleuret


  Robert Gower   (Telecom-Paristech)

Robert Gower


  Emmanuel Dupoux   (ENS/DeepMind)

Emmanuel Dupoux


  Richard Zemel   (U. Toronto/Vector Institute)

Richard Zemel

(U. Toronto/Vector Institute)

  Joelle Pineau   (FAIR/McGill)

Joelle Pineau


  Toniann Pitassi   (U. Toronto)

Toniann Pitassi

(U. Toronto)

  Tara Sainath   (Google AI)

Tara Sainath

(Google AI)

  Mark Schmidt   (UBC)

Mark Schmidt


  Francis Bach   (ENS/INRIA)

Francis Bach


  Armand Joulin   (FAIR)

Armand Joulin


  Benjamin Rosman   (U. Witswatersrand)

Benjamin Rosman

(U. Witswatersrand)

  Samory Kpotufe   (Princeton)

Samory Kpotufe